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Ecwid – is a popular on-line service that enables the e-shop implementation into the site or social media pages.

We have worked out SugarECommerce module, which makes it possible to integrate SugarCRM system that is used for business efficiency growth and is connected with the client oriented sales, and Ecwid retail trade e-shop.

This module enables your e-business get powerful tools of SugarCRM system:

  • Orders control (it filters your orders by the titles and views the changes history)
  • Items control (stock in trade review, item purchase quantity)
  • Contacts control (now all your customers’ contacts will be saved for ever, you will be able to segment them, highlight your regular customers, propose them some special offers increasing their loyalty to your shop)
  • Marketing campaigns. This module is used quite often: for example, it can be used as a special offer ad delivery for those of your contacts who bought some item from this specific item category.

The analytics function is going to be added to this module. It will enable you look through the month sales statistics, best sellers, preferable delivery and payment methods. Module uses API for the e-commerce system Ecwid collaboration. As Order API, Product API and ION are used, the paid Ecwid account availability is needed.

This module is already up and running in demo version. You can use it at the link

Module facility:

  1. “Items” function
    • Contains your e-shops items’ information. If you use several e-shops, all items will be viewed in one place of CRM system.

    • You can look through the item specifications and all orders this item was in.

  2. “Orders” function
    • You can view all the orders, their titles and the items which were ordered. You can view it as a list and you can filter this order by different criteria.

    • You can view the detailed information of the order: value, discount, the item which was ordered, delivery mode, delivery status, Ecwid number of the order. Ecwid service synchronizes all this information.

  3. “Categories” function
    • Keeps your items categories. Ecwid synchronizes all of them. You can view the category information, photos, affiliated categories.

  4. “Contacts” function
    • This is a built-in SugarCRM function. When the order comes SugarCRM looks for the customer in the system (he is identified by the e-mail). If the client is not found in the data base he will be created automatically.
    • All the purchases made by this customer go to his file and are shown in the “orders” panel together with the delivery and shipping titles.
    • The total sum of the purchase is made and shown in the customer’s file. It can be used for the search and filtering. For example, the manager can find customers who spent $1000 and more in your shop, create marketing delivery and propose some special offers.

Distribution terms:

  • SugarECommerce module is distributed for free.
  • Installation, improvement, customer service are paid, they are made by the individual arrangement.

We are ready to support the elaborated module, make essential improvements and perfect it.

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This module is available for download at: